By arrangement with The High Council Of The Bubba's, The One And Only, "HEAD BUBBA"                                                                      <=== THAT IS THE LEGAL NAME ===>
The "Head" Bubba received this guitar from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc (AMD) for his
donation to "Presley Place" which is part of the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation. The 
guitar is a custom made, limited edition Gibson Les Paul that was made for AMD's Opteron
launch on April 22
nd, 2003. For information on AMD's Opteron click here. For information on
 "Presley Place" and/or to make donation to a worthy cause please click here

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"Head" Bubba with AMD Opteron Guitar and his Jack Daniel's barrel "Head" Bubba with AMD Opteron Guitar and his Jack Daniel's barrel

AMD64™ Technology can help you tackle even the toughest jobs. It can reduce compositing and rendering time.  It lets you record and mix multiple high-resolution audio tracks. AMD64™ improves performance for many applications by evolving this industry-standard technology from a 32- to a 64-bit architecture. AMD64™ Technology, enabling simultaneous 32- and 64-bit computing, represents the landmark introduction of AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture.  AMD64™ Technology is designed to run existing 32-bit applications with outstanding performance and offers customers a simplified migration path to 64-bit computing. These evolutionary processors provides a dramatic leap forward in compatibility, performance, investment protection, and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).  64-bit computing allows operating systems and software to process more data and access a tremendous amount of memory.  It is an industry-standard approach to 64-bit technology that combines innovation, simplicity, and foresight to deliver the next generation of performance … today.  So if you need total freedom to create exceptional productivity, you need the blistering floating-point performance and reliability of the AMD processors.
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The EPCF’s primary commitment has been to fund the building and operational costs of Presley Place. As part of the outstanding Estival Communities program created and managed by the Metropolitan Inter-faith Association (MIFA) in Memphis, Presley Place provides homeless families a up to one year of rent-free housing, child day care, career and financial counseling, family management guidance and other tools to help them break the cycle of poverty and regain self-esteem and independence.
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