By arrangement with The High Council Of The Bubba's, The One And Only, "HEAD BUBBA"                                                                      <=== THAT IS THE LEGAL NAME ===>

The "Bubba Slush" was created by "Head" Bubba with Dan Kelly and "The Other Bubba"
on December 17th, 1990 at
LiVE bAit, and was named after "Head" Bubba on December 27th, 1990
which happens to to be the same date "The Former Head Bubba" stepped down and
 "The High Council of the Bubba's" declared a new "Head" Bubba

While others bars may serve it from time to time...
LiVE bAit is the official home of the "Bubba Slush", and  is located at: 14 East 23rd Street, New York, New York 10010 (212) 353-2400

To see a pictures of Alice, LiVE bAit bartender, making the SLUSH at Live Bait click here!

For pictures taken with "Head" Bubba at
LiVE bAit click here

Coming soon... more information and pictures

New "Bubba Slush apparel " being designed, click here for info and meet the designer



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